photo by  caterina kenworthy , logo by emma laque

photo by caterina kenworthy, logo by emma laque

Hello! I’m Charlie Camuglia, nice to meet you! I'm a long time artist whose photography career has been centered on making visual stories out of what I observe in environment and natural moments- dubbed casual science. I founded Whom Studio after a few years exploring my vision through commercial/wedding photography and coming to realize that my best clients and collaborators were likeminded creatives. I’m endlessly inspired by the passion of my fellow artists so if I can do something I love to make something you love look good, what better collaboration could there be?

I'm never not producing- all of my time is devoted to an ongoing rotation of art and photo projects, if not looking at the ground in transit, in pursuit of found treasures. I love trinkets and ephemera, vintage clothes and antique furniture, bad jokes, candy, my adorably unusual cat, and exploring my home city of New York as well as the world (on the rare chance I get to escape)!

You must know by now that I am dying to meet you and hear your story. Use the contact form below to get started!

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