In the Studio with Star Rover

Jeremy Gustin is a drummer- a really good one. I know because I have personally seen him effortlessly throw his sticks around in perfect time on a number of projects including Star Rover, Delicate Steve... and almost even saw him with Albert Hammond Jr. once, but an early morning flight interfered with that plan (curses!). Last week I had scheduled a date with Jeremy and my camera to have a little lifestyle session, but that quickly turned into much more- a photo story on a little slice of Brooklyn's music pie. 

I hopped on the train and rode my way into Bushwick to meet Jeremy at his apartment, where I was enthusiastically greeted by him and a crew of his roommates/live-in-collaboraters: Will Graefe (the other half of Star Rover) and Ryan Dugre. All three dudes are solo musicians who also collaborate with each other as well as a number of other sound artists (be sure check their respective links!), so I had the pleasure of sampling a number of different projects while hanging out with them for the day. I sat in on Jeremy and Will practicing for their Star Rover set that night, was shown a few of Ryan and Jeremy's video experiments, listened to some weird records and even some impromptu flute playing right up until traveling with Jeremy and Will to Manhattan Inn in Greenpoint for their show with Aerial East and Sam Evian curated by boss babe Rachael Pazdan of Hyponocraft

Want to virtually hang out with these guys? I recommend flipping through the slideshow below while listening to any one of their projects linked above, you won't regret it.

Bonus: Jeremy doesn't call him self a photographer, but he does casually commit himself to a pretty incredible photo project where he pulls abstract art from walls around the world, follow it here!