The Dawn of Whom Studio!

I want to thank all the creative beings I’ve met, worked with, and learned from for bringing me where I am today. You guys have the fire to match mine, and all that fire just keeps me going! When I realized that was when Whom Studio was born.

I used to just create because I was full of ideas - still do - but back then I didn't realize that my skill could be a profession. Then one cold day on Craiglist I spotted an opportunity- a listing seeking photographer's assistants! This was my foot in the door! So I applied. That's when I met Meg of Moonshine Studios who said, you know what, you’re weird but I like you, and showed me how wedding photography could be an art. I was never really a person who got that excited about weddings, but learning from Meg blew open a whole hallway of creative doors for me. Every shoot excited her and she showed a genuine interest in her couples while posing them with glamour and grace. It was beautiful. Through working with her, I also got to meet and work with the guys at Filmwell Studios as well my now close friend and colleague Mike Thomas, who were so into their craft, that it was hard not to be pumped working around those guys. The Filmwell dudes had a new trick up their sleeve every weekend, not to mention all the cine-magic they performed behind the screens. Mike brought an actual suitcase full of tricks (sparklers, lightsabers, miscellaneous glow-things) to every gig for surreal portraits on the go, as well as an arsenal of self-built photography accessories. Then I got the opportunity to work a little with long time friend and wedding photographer, Mackensey Alexander. We met on a random young teens solo trip to Europe (how were we ever allowed to do that?!) and have been pals ever since. She makes an authentic connection with every client, practically joining each family she works with, which allows her to capture silent portraits that are still so full of energy. Working with her in Savannah was like one big cozy family reunion of people I’ve never met.

These amazing artists inspired me to pursue and continued to inspire my interest in wedding photography, but in the back of my head I still knew the wedding industry wasn't for me. How could I tell real people's stories while still surrounding myself with the ever-inspiring passion of my creative counterparts? Then it hit me. My niche isn’t romance stories, it’s creative stories.

So welcome to Whom Studio. Founded by me, Candace Camuglia in my home sweet home of Brooklyn, NY, and specializing in identity editorials for creative brands and artists. An identity editorial is a gallery of photographs that evoke your/your brand's personality through a combination of a few different types of photography including environmental portraiture, candids/lifestyle photography, and product photography. The essence of the galleries are conceptualized through getting to know you and learning about your process, goals, inspirations and how you want to be perceived, followed by a day with you, at your studio or at your place of work making photos as the day unfolds. Sounds weird? Don’t worry, it won’t be, because we’ll be friends by then and you’ll barely notice the camera! The process page will tell you all about it.

Within this new mission, I also intend to create semi-regular blog posts on Wednesday, not only showcasing galleries of new photography, but also to shed a little more light on the creatives that I work with. In celebration of this new path, but mostly because I can’t stay away from candy, here’s a set of photos I made to make you crave some Whom Studio sweetness.