Following Courtney

It was an unusually warm day in the very cold spring we had been having. I waited at the Whitehall Ferry Terminal and surrounding areas to bring Courtney on an adventure that spoke of my history and also delighted my sense of kitsch. By the time we had met up, enough time had passed that the sun had set and the alluring light that would shine through those fogged plastic ferry windows I had hoped to catch were gone, so we had to reconfigure our plans. Now in the night, I followed Courtney north to neighborhoods I don't spend much time in in a borough I don't often visit to explore dark streets with pockets of artificial light spilling through alleys and windows of closed shops. Following Courtney, or anyone, becomes an automatic adventure in being led to places other than those you know, so with that change of plans came an expedition into the pink light of Chinatown and a Union Square rooftop.

Courtney is also a photographer, you can see her work on instagram.