Claudia's "Bridal Shoot": Portraits at Wilkeson Pointe

A couple of weeks ago I was hanging out with my friends Mark and Claudia in one of my favorite spots in Buffalo, the Wilkeson Pointe Wind Sculpture Park. I was really inspired by all the surreal sculptures reaching into the hazy white sky and how Claudia’s flowy white dress was a wind sculpture all its own, so I was pretty excited to be able to take photos of her in this magical surreal-scape. She wasn’t in the best mood at first, but complied anyway (what a sport!) until hark- in the distance- a gazebo! The sight of the gazebo perked her right up and she ran towards it, picking a bouquet of dandelions on the way and squealing that she wanted to play wedding. I know a cue when I get one- I jumped inand said “great, I’ll be your wedding photographer!” and she wholeheartedly agreed as she dragged dad into the game, too. See Claudia’s “bridal shoot” right here!