Squire's Castle: Tubbs Portraits in Cleveland

Do you guys like castles? I love castles- beautiful, old beasts made of stone and iron that creep up and try to out reach the trees, whose walls speak of the time it took to stand and the time it stays standing. Oh man, I swoon over ancient architecture. I was super excited when I got to plan an adventure with my cute little friends, the Tubbs girls, to Squire's Castle in Cleveland. Legend has it, the castle is an unfinished guest house intended to part of an old oil tycoon's country estate whose his wife died before the completion of the project, thus the project being abandoned. The castle now gorgeously stands as an abandoned shell of what could have been for public view as part of the Cleveland Metropark System. I would just love to shoot a wedding party here, Cleve! *hint hint*

Check out this slideshow of my shoot with these castle cuties!